Glass Art Trophies

Black Tear-Shaped Glass Art Trophies
$259.99 (1-1)
$209.99 (50+)
Blue Teardrop Art Glass Award
$250.99 (1-1)
$230.99 (15+)
Allegiance Glass Art Awards
$257.99 (1-1)
$235.99 (25+)
Blue Reflections Glass Art Awards
$218.99 (1-1)
$198.99 (25+)
Blue Wave Glass Art Awards
$216.99 (1-1)
$196.99 (25+)
Golden Twist Award
$209.99 (1-1)
$192.99 (15+)

Our beautiful selection of glass art trophies are a unique and meaningful way to recognize corporate achievement and excellence.  Each one is handcrafted so no two are alike. 

These art glass awards serve as artwork pieces inside the recipient's home and come is various shapes, sizes, and colors to meet any budget.

At we offer free personalization, quantity discounts, and free shipping with a $250 purchase making us the right choice to get your awards done right and done on time.  With our innovative TurboPartner Service we can deliver many of these awards within 3 business days.

Browse our incredible selection now to see all of the wonderful options we have.