Custom Champion Award Belts

Create Your Own Custom Champion Award Belt
$245.99 (1-1)
$225.99 (50+)
Custom Champion Presidential Award Belt
$276.99 (1-1)
$256.99 (50+)
Champion Victory Custom Award Belt
$195.99 (1-1)
$180.99 (50+)
Kids Custom Championship Award Belt
$119.99 (1-1)
$94.99 (50+)
Custom Award Belt Inserts
$39.99 (1-1)
$29.99 (4+)
Custom Award Belt Easel Stand
$7.50 (1+)
$7.50 (1+)
Custom Oval Belt Buckle
$6.99 (25-49)
$4.99 (300+)
Wedding Themed Custom Award Belt
$188.99 (1-1)
$173.99 (50+)
Create Your Own Custom Belt Buckle
$8.99 (25-49)
$6.49 (300+)
Custom Rectangular Belt Buckle
$6.99 (25-49)
$4.99 (300+)

Create Your Own Custom Champion Award Belts.  These lavish championship belts are perfect to recognize winners of anything you can dream of.  Our custom award belt has endless possibilities for creating a truly unique award that will be a showstopper. 

We offer award belts in three different sizes: large with four areas of customization, a smaller belt with three areas of customization, or a kids award belt perfect for smaller sizes.  Each custom belt is made of quality heavyweight metal plates combined with expertly tooled leather and jewelry quality plating and makes one big bad unforgettable award for a Big Winner.

Previously reserved for just professional boxers and wrestlers these belts are now available to all champions due to our quality pricing.

Create your own unique champion belt by emailing us with the artwork, budget and details of your event and let us come up with something that you will be proud to present to the recipients of your event.  It's quick and easy.