Free Personalization*

*Free personalization up to 60 characters on every trophy, medal, or plaque

We include free personalization of up to 60 characters of text on each award.  Each additional character over 60 is charged at $.10 each.

When comparing prices, remember to ask the other companies if they include free personalization and how many characters are included. Many companies only include 40 characters or nothing at all.  Some charge an extra $.35 or more for an individual name on each trophy.

How much text can I put on my award?

Each award can handle a different amount of text.  Simply add the item to your cart by clicking the orange "personalize my award" button to see how much text can be added and how many lines of text are available. 

We center "Arial Narrow" font on a gold or silver satin trophy plate and affix to trophies. We maximize the font size to the plate area and amount of text provided.

Can I add a logo to my awards?

Yes, on some awards we can add a logo.  Awards which can accommodate a logo will include an "add a logo" option.  There is a one time $25 charge to set-up a logo.  There is no additional charge beyond the initial $25 charge to add the same logo to other items in the same order as long as the items include an add a logo option.  Please make a note of those products in the order notes section.

Logos must be sent in one of the following file formats: .eps, .ai, .tiff, or a .jpg file at 300 dpi or above. If your logo is not in one of these formats or of poor quality, we can recreate it for an additional $25.00 to $40.00 fee depending on complexity. Logos should be sent by uploading your file via our upload feature or by email after you place the order.  Please include your order number. 

Once your logo is on file with us you can use it at no charge for subsequent orders.  Simply make a note in the order notes section.  We keep logos on file for a period of one year.

How do I enter information to personalize my award?

To enter text for each award simply type in the quantity you want to purchase and then click the orange "Personalize My Award" button.  You will then be prompted to enter your text on the next page. Each award includes 60 free characters and the option to add additional text at $.10 per character.

How do I customize text or create my own design?

We offer a "Premium Artwork Service" package for a flat fee of $15 per order. 

This service allows the flexibility for many custom touches including creating our own design for a plaque, t-shirt or other item or to specify a particular font, add or change color color, and/or change the size of your personalized text and more. Our custom art service puts you in the driver's seat. 

To add this service, please select the "Premium Artwork Service" option in the shopping cart by clicking the box next to it so that is has a check mark.  Please specify what you want in the order notes section and you will be emailed a free proof for approval.  We allow one proof revision without additional charge.  In limited cases we may not be able to modify an item as you want. When this happens you will be contacted and your money for this service will be refunded.

Please note that our standard font for all trophies and awards is Arial Narrow printed in black.  Font is normally sized to fit the area available and printed in the same size for all lines of text.  Selecting this option allows you to change the text to a different font, or change color from our standard black, or change the size of the font for an individual name or name of the award or all of the above.